Top Products to Sell Online in Malaysia

Top Products to Sell Online in Malaysia

Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity for online sellers to strategies what are the best products that can be sold online. Here are some products listed that can be sold by the Malaysian eCommerce sellers.

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1. Apparel Accessories-

Fashion is one industry that is not going to provide you loss if you know what to sell effectively. Bow ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and scarves are always going to be in fashion regardless of the weather and season. Apart from that wooden sunglasses are also being used for it organic and raw style.

2. Watches-

Although it was used as a timing device to track the time, watches have become a fashion statement in today’s world. Among the many priceless watches, you can place your sober yet straightforward designs that are attention-grabbing. Digital, analog, smartwatches are something that is not going to lose the market until humankind has existed. You can also try to sell wooden watches because they are very degradable and comfortable to use.

3. Leggings and Shapewears-

Leggings and shapewears were used as an innerwear earlier. However, with time it has become a must-have in every person’s closet. The trend in the sale of leggings has gone higher in the past few years. It is going to be higher on sale for the next few years until replaced with something new. People like to flaunt their new collection of leggings as a part of their mainstream clothing.

4. Woodcrafts:-

Malaysia is blessed with the tropical forests. These forests provide a huge number of timber which is used for the wooden craft by native people of Malaysia. Malay-styled engraved panels; keris dagger handles, Orang Asli sculptures, twisted walking sticks, kitchen utensils, and carved scented woods are some of the antiques used for decoration. It can be sold worldwide for its exotic definition of every minute details.

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5. Earthenware:-

Although people have switched to modern techniques of pursuing lifestyle, there is still a good taste of design and decoration with pottery. Some of the major ones are:

  • Terenang-

    An angularly shaped jar famous in Malaysia for its beautiful designs, shapes, and colour. It used to be a water holder primitively but is used to decorate the house as an antique or a showpiece.

  • Labu Sayong-

    A type of clay jar formed in the shape of a gourd. A traditional handicraft from Sayong, a village in Malaysia, this piece of work is better known for its cooling effects while storing water. We can never forget the designs and shape experienced people give it.

  • Belanga--

    The existence of Belanga can be found from the Neolithic era. Belanga is an earthen utensil used to cook food.

6. Branded Plastic Bags:-

Yes, you read that right! The best thing about the eCommerce market of Malaysia is that you can sell anything and almost everything at your web store. A popular or high end, plastic or paper bag is the new trend for those who desire to hold a branded bag when they walk around the market but does not have the cha-ching to buy one. You will be surprised to know that depending on the quality of the bag you can sell each piece for more than RM10.

7. Diapers:-

It is interesting to see that the most popular product sold on Lazada are Diapers. According to a survey, the number of diapers sold on Lazada every month, account up to 5% of the total diapers sold in Malaysia. Maybe the complexity of being homebound while taking care of a child makes it more convenient to buy diapers online, that too with some attractive discount offers.

8. USB drives & Power Banks:-

Last but not the least, power banks and USB drives top the chart of bestselling items in Malaysia via web store. As with the growing technology, the need to stay connected to the world grows, the use of portable electronic devices also increases. Hence, selling USB drives and power banks can be a great product to choose when you think about starting your web store.

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