Tracking Selling Performance- The SelluSeller Way

SelluSeller offers a powerful solution that provides you complete visibility of your online selling business across multiple channels. The powerful marketplace management software provides important and crucial insights on inventory performance, product performance and channel performance amongst others, so that you make better informed decisions.

Key metrics and performance parameters displayed live upon the SelluSeller dashboard, help you get a focussed view of your business. With 10+ customizable reports, you can track the status of your selling on various channels.

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Get Crucial Details on a Smart Dashboard

Get all the important statistics related to your online selling on one page, displayed in an easy-to-understand graphical format.

Gain Actionable Selling Insights

Get useful insights so that you can focus on the right aspects and grow your online selling earnings.

Selluseller dashboard1

Know How Each Product is Performing

Get helpful statistics such as how your certain products are selling well on specific marketplaces, so you can optimise your promotions and set prices accordingly.

Receive All Important Updates

Optimize and better manage your inventory with customised reports that provide clear insights on your inventory’s behaviour.


Warehouse operations not aligned for eCommerce?

Know how SelluSeller can integrate your eCommerce multichannel selling with your warehouse, and help you boost eCommerce revenue.


Warehouse Management

Process orders directly from your warehouse


Free Trial for 15 days
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Insights to help SMEs and Sellers get better at online selling