Retain your online customers by resolving complaints

How to Reduce Customer Complaints and Claims

How to handle customer complaints?

Gaining loyal customers is directly related to the resolution of claims and the treatment of customer complaints. When the client comes with a complaint, the following idea is underlined:

I was promised something, I trusted you and failed. What are you planning to do to keep me?

In short, the customer is saying what he does not like or bothers him about the product or the brand, and gives you the opportunity to solve it so that the same does not happen with other customers.

However, instead of listening to customer complaints and analyzing the suggestions, most companies turn a deaf ear to their claims and keep stumbling over the same stone.

Therefore, the first thing to do is identify which are the main complaints that are repeated, analyze their causes and try at least two ways:

a) Develop preventive actions:

Once the causes of the complaints are known, identify the core of the issue and strike the resolution, they are attacked so that the same mistake is not repeated again. As when it comes to Malaysia, people trust good customer service more than guarantee cards.

b) Design a manual for the treatment of the main complaints:

This involves training staff according to the preferences of the customers from Malaysia, so that when the complaints appear they do not feel clueless about how toretain the customer.

See the complaint as a blessing

If you see the complaint as a blessing, you allow yourself the chance to do something to retain the customer, before they go to the competition. There are studies that show, customer complaints are often downplayed and action is not taken, as they are seen as the ones who never loyal to one brand.

However, if you really want to build your brand in Malaysia, you must know that generally, the most dissatisfied customers (except in situations of monopoly or high barriers to exit) do not complain. Or they do it their way: they go directly to the competition. The ones who complain, are the most loyal customers.

We understand that it is not easy to hold on the customers who are really angry, but never forget that your customer is the biggest asset to your business. Hence you must know how to handle your customer’s rising curve for anger and retain them.

Understanding the rising curve of anger

Given the aggressive behavior of a customer, the customer care can react with either aggressive or assertive behaviour.

In the case of aggressive behaviour, when the customer raises his voice and the person attending reacts to it in the same height of anger. There comes a time when it does not matter what the problem was and the caregiver forgets that his task was to take charge of the situation, resolve customer complaints and retain the customer.

Discount on a minimum purchase:

This is an irresistible offer that has been able to drive a right amount of sales. Let’s say if someone shops for 90 MYR, you offer them a movie ticket cashback if the minimum purchase is for 100 MYR.

Many problems begin with a conflict and depending on the treatment given the end is decided. What finally happens is the result of what the company does, since the management of the conflict can end up either strengthening the relationship or destroying it.

To avoid aggressive behavior, the important thing is assertive behavior by contact personnel. Some of the essential characteristics a customer support or contact personnel must possess are:

#1 Be direct and defend what is fair and appropriate,

#2 Know how to say no, but without hurting or offending,

#3 Control emotions and reactions,

#4 Listen actively to the other.

If every time a customer complains, you must reward them or make exceptions so that they do not leave. Therefore, you have to train contact staff so that they are not primarily obsequious in their negotiation style, but neither dodges the problem.

Remember, the first task of the staff to retain the customer, is to lower the customer from that anger curve to make the conversation enter a state of rationality, where an agreement can be reached. And to achieve this, in the beginning, you will have to let the customer unburden himself without interruptions, showing interest and concern. Then, just after the customer is quiet and calm, you can start explaining your point.

The customer, annoyed by the conflict, goes to the company to discuss and fight to defend his position. Expect to meet someone on the other side with whom to confront, someone who is caught in the rules, who do not use common sense and who is indifferent to their problem. That is why, if instead he deals with someone concerned about him and solving customer complaints, he will be surprised and feel satisfied and comforted. And then, obviously, you will have to find a way to give an immediate solution and retain your Malaysian customer base..


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